Weekly Specials

At IMS, we have an in-depth understand of the pressures that maintaining Gross Profit, whilst balancing alongside innovative menu planning, can bring.

To assist you, the customer, we offer a range of top quality weekly specials alongside our already competitively priced product range. This is because we understand that many catering establishments have a diverse customer requirement, meaning we structure our specials around these needs by offering a large variety.

Our specials will often include roasting joints, portions, dices and sausages. Whether you require a stuffed roasting joint, marinated chicken fillet, sweet and sour pork or a lamb, chilli, lime and honey sausage we are extremely confident that we can satisfy all your requirements.

The benefits are clear to see as this enables us to offer cost-effective alternative suggestions and chef prepared ranges, reducing the labour intensity on your kitchen staff.

Our weekly specials begin every Wednesday and run till the following Tuesday. Weekly specials are sent by fax or email. Furthermore a follow up call would be made to each site to confirm receipt accordingly.

Please contact our customer service team on 0207 383 3080 if you require further information or assistance.Twitter